Maintain your Personal Life while Getting Ahead in your Business.

15 11 2011

As a business and a career-oriented person, you may have a lot in your hands that you can dare to manage.  It may seem hard to admit but sometimes you can barely get off from that chair to get a meal on time or to just sincerely greet your love ones hello.  Though you are truly doing well in your career yet somehow, you know that you too need to get a life outside the office.  To not merely focus on managing your business.

As you may know, too much concentration on the business can eventually ruin the other aspects of our lives.  If you can find a way to lessen your workload, why not do something about it now?  The best way to do it is to get your own personal virtual assistant.  A competitive assistant who can assist you in completing your administrative tasks and can work well with your terms without costing you too much money.

If you’re ready to maintain and enjoy your personal life and ready to delegate those extra tasks, I am here to help.  I can be your Personal Virtual Assistant.  Lay down the task for me, explain exactly the things you need to be done and we can get it completed with efficacy and first-rate results.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

6 11 2011

We all know that the Internet has become a major part of many people’s lives nowadays. A simple interruption of service or connection can already cause major anxiety. After all, many people now use the Internet to pay bills, make purchases, check bank accounts, and keep in touch with other people.

However, the Internet is much more of a comfort to many; it is already a way of life, a virtual place in where a growing number of people earn a living. Those who have the entrepreneurial spirit know that there are many opportunities to make money online. One such possibility is the Virtual Assisting.

As more and more people start their own online and offline businesses, the need for qualified virtual assistants also grows. Entrepreneurs often have so much things to do but have limited time to get it done. This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in.

But what is a Virtual Assistant?  I guess, it really depends on what the employer needs.  A Virtual Assistant of one client can function differently from that of the other employer.  But I’m sure, what most will agree is that, a Virtual Assistant is also who himself or herself an entrepreneur.  A Virtual Assistant offers professional assistance to business owners. This assistance can be article writing, email response handling, data entry or other administrative tasks, depending on the client’s specific needs.

Most Virtual Assistants work from home, using their own computers, and most communication is done via Internet (email, chat, VOIP) or via phone or fax.  Some Virtual Assistants may work in already established companies which have their own work offices.  They work as employees of these companies.

Who we work with really depends on our desired goals.  Many Virtual Assistants choose to open their own businesses, which allow them maximum control over who they work with, what work they opt to do, and how much they charge. These Virtual Assistants, who start their own businesses may do all the work themselves, or may also hire other virtual assistants to help them with the work’ overflow.

As a Virtual Assistant, who is working remotely, we will probably never get the chance to meet our clients in person.  Our clients may not just be in our own city, but can be across the country or even halfway around the world.  Because of the Internet, this is not really needed since most communications are done thru email, skype / gtalk / YM or other VOIP online services.  And most information transfer between the virtual assistant and the client are done via email or fax.  There are also instances that snail mail is necessary.

Now that we both understand the meaning and role of a virtual assistant, you are now ready to decide whether you need to hire one or not.


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